Worlds Finals

Worlds Finals!!!

This Worlds has definitely been one for the books!!! So many upsets and close games have brought us all the way to the finals between the 1st seed from Europe, Fnatic, and the 3rd seed from China, Invictus Gaming. I’m going to take you through each team’s run through this year’s worlds and show just how memorable each this year’s victor will be.

Surprisingly enough, both of these teams have come out of the exact same group. This is really rare for the 1st and 2nd seed from a group to be playing each other in the finals. Both Invictus and Fnatic went 5-1 in the group stage, only dropping one game to each other. Fnatic came out on top in the time-breaker game, propelling them into the 1st seed position heading into quarterfinals. This normally wouldn’t have been too important, but in this scenario, it was. Not only was Invictus thrust into the 2nd seed position, but that also would pit them up against a 1st seed team. And that first seed team would happen to be the #1 team from Korea, kt Rolster. kt
Rolster had a their most dominant season in 2018. With not dropping a single game to the Chinese and Taiwanese opposition at Rift Rivals, finishing first place in the summer split for the first time in the team’s history, and qualifying for Worlds for the first time since 2015, kt Rolster had pretty good momentum. Invictus wasn’t about to let that discourage them though. In a thrilling 5 game series, with one of the games ending in an intense base-race, Invictus defeated kt Rolster 3-2 and advanced to the Semis. Fnatic would go on to face the 2nd seed out of China, EDward Gaming. Fnatic would decisively crush EDG in a 4-game series full of intense team fights and bold objective calls.

Each team would head into the Semifinals riding a wave of hype. The only difference was Fnatic was up against a team with probably the biggest hype of all. Cloud 9, the last remaining team from North America(and my personal favorite team since 2015), was still in the running and pretty much most of the audiences watching were rooting for them. A North American team had never made it that far in 7 years, and C9 wanted to be the first one to ever make it to the finals. Fnatic weren’t phased by this, as they were still favored to win. Fnatic would soon crush the little hope NA had with a dominating 3-0 series, advancing to their second World’s finals. IG would be facing another western team still in the running, G2 Esports. G2 were a lot like IG in that they weren’t that good internationally, as their previous Worlds performances had be less than adequate. G2 wanted to advance just as much as C9 did, but their dreams would be crushed in the exact same way, with IG delivering a 3-0 suckerpunch to the European squad, sending them packing. IG would advance to the finals, making it their very first finals appearance.

A finals of Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming weren’t what the people wanted, as many wanted a “Western-Only” finals. But this finals will be extremely intense as both of these squads look to the secure the Summoner’s Cup for their region. Fnatic will be fighting for their second world championship, while Invictus are looking to take the Cup back to China to give the region it’s first world championship. Who will set themselves in League history, and who will just be another team to make it so far only to fall when they needed to stand?