The LoL All Star Event is Back

The LoL All-Star Event is Back!!!

The LoL All-Star Event
Team Ice (Left) and Team Fire (Right) face off in the 2015 LoL All-Star Event!

The Fans spoke and Riot listened: The 2018 League of Legends All-star Event is back and brings Team Ice (Left) and Team Fire (Right) face off in the 2015 LoL All-Star Event, the fans voices back as well. Fans were able to vote for the professional players that they watch every season to compete against each other in intense 1v1, 2v2, or 5v5 games. Players from around the world such as Bjergsen, Uzi, Rekkles, and even the Demon King himself, Faker, could be in attendance, and I can promise you that there won’t be a dull game. Uzi brought down Bjergsen last year to take home the 1v1 crown, but this year, it’s anyone’s game. Incredible ADC talent such as Sneaky, Doublelift, Pray, or Ruler could easily sweep the competition. And while it’s an unspoken meme that NA is the least talented of all the regions, it would be quite silly to count them out. Speaking of NA, the regional competitions are back with China being pitted against Korea, and the infamous match NA vs EU, with the outcome of each being up for grabs (Even though, in my opinion, NA > EU. Email me your hate later).

This year’s All-star event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will give the players a chance to duke it out in a new arena (The “Esports Arena” in Las Vegas), while simultaneously allowing them to experience the wonderful nightlife that Vegas has to offer. This year has been an exciting one for competitive LoL: Upsets in each region, break-out players and teams, and a newly crowned LPL World Champion. It’s a nice ending to a year full of awesomeness, but the players that attend will be far from done, as the trophy for the 1v1 tournament is a memento to those who have obtained it, and no other trophy is as coveted as the NA vs. EU trophy. That last one is up for debate, but I’m backing NA regardless. Sadly, voting has already concluded, but you can see all of your favorite pros in action December 6-8!