The 2019 Mid-Season Invitational

If you’re a fan of professional League of Legends, then you know how important the Mid-Season Invitational is. Besides the World Championship, this is the biggest international tournament to tune into. 13 teams from across the globe look to take home the Mid-Season title and grab some respect for themselves before heading back to their respective regions. Royal Never Give-Up claimed the title last year, but none of the 6 teams in the group stage this year aren’t looking to give in.

Mid-Season International
2018 World Championship: Finals

Invictus Gaming, the reigning World Champions, are leading the race with a solid 6-0 record, already being guaranteed a spot in the knockout stage. Some of the same faces that were given their very own skins are competing for another chance to prove that they are still the best team in the world. No team has been able to stop their momentum and it doesn’t look like they’re just going to slow down. They are known for the shortest, bloodiest games in all of the LPL, and they look to do the same in Vietnam.

G2 Esports, SK Telecom T1, and Flash Wolves are all looking to clinch their spots in the knockout stage and will do just about anything to stay in their respective positions. Blows have been traded by each of the teams, and G2 currently sits as the favorite to take the #2 seed. Neither Flash Wolves nor SKT want to face the Titan that is Invictus Gaming, so staying out of 4th place is key. However, one cannot stay out of 4th place without getting too close to missing the knockout stage altogether.

13 Teams

Whatever team you’re rooting for, whether its the LPL, LCK, or even the LCS, I wish you and your squad luck as the week continues and more possibilities of an international title for each region opens up. Korea and China have dominated the past few MSI’s, but maybe an underdog can claim the title for themselves before the second half of the professional season gets underway.