New Ranked Season, New Rules

New Ranked Season, New Rules

The ranked season is coming to a close and most people (like me) are staying up late at night to grind out those final games. While I’m trying to grind my way to Platinum, people around the globe are securing their spots among the world’s best. NA players such as C9 Sneaky and Tyler1 are big names that are looking for big spots. Let’s go ahead and dive right into what the 2019 ranked season has in store for us.

First off, we have the additions of two new divisions, the Iron and Grandmaster divisions. Basically on opposite sides of the spectrum, Iron and Grandmaster will add a few changes into the standard way you play. No more jokes about you being in the Cardboard division, because there finally is something lower than bronze. The Iron division will finally give a place that the truly terrible players of league go. Now you and your friends can finally be lower than Bronze V!!! The Grandmaster division, however, will be a place for some of the most elite players to reside. Taking its place right above Master, Grandmaster will give the best players a better opportunity to get to the Challenger rank. Many players are currently on the grid to get to Challenger right now actually.

Another change to the ranked season will be the implementation of 4 divisions in each rank, instead of 5. This is a relief to some people, as they thought that it was such a struggle to get through the 5 divisions needed to advance in rank. This will allow many players who have been stuck in Bronze I or Silver I finally be able to advance into the next segment of their league career. I know the struggle of being stuck at that final rank and being unable to get the last bit of LP I needed to advance, so it is definitely a relief to see that I don’t have to get through 5 divisions anymore.

However you play the game, casually or competitively, these ranked changes are going to be a brand new experience for all of us. Good luck out there on the Rift, Summoners!