Esports spreading across the Nation

The New York Yankees
The New York Yankees are one of the most popular sports teams in the entire United States

Sports are something that can bring many people together. Whether it’s the average couch potato or a die-hard fanatic, people can bond over one of the great things that make this world so great. While cheering on a sports team is good, the cheers of the crowd always seem to mean a little bit more and bring a little more intensity when they’re cheering on the home team. Whether it’s all the way in the Golden State of California to the Empire State of New York, people across the nation root for the home town team. Well, the ability to cheer on your local team may be coming to esports quicker than we think.

The Dallas Fuel are hosting the very first home games in Overwatch League history! The matches were held today and yesterday, so if you didn’t get to see the games, you can search the full VODs up on YouTube. Anyways, the Dallas Fuel hosted 8 matches in the 2-day span, facing off against the Los Angeles Valiant and their in-state rivals, the Houston Outlaws. Fierce competition came out of all of the squads and you’ll have to tune in and watch the games for yourself.

Dallas Fuel
The Dallas Fuel have established the first home games for Overwatch League!

Overwatch League is the first major esport to create City-based teams, with teams centered in the U.S., Europe, and even China. This was done to create a more local feel for fans of the game. This is a huge step for the esports business and for the gaming world in general. A few years ago, esports was something that geeks who played video games all day watched, along with a few fans from other backgrounds. Now, esports has gained the eye of the rich and famous, allowing for the expansion of the community and addition of new genres and organizations(thank you Rick Fox for Echo Fox).

Rick Fox supporting Echo Fox
Rick Fox(Left) supporting his Echo Fox's League of Legends team

Who knows where this could lead too? There have already been talks of esports being a potential Olympic event, which would definitely interest people like me and you. The esports community is no longer something that the world looks down upon and thinks is lame. The world is starting to realize the popularity of some of these games and is capitalizing on it right now. Look at these Coke products with League of Legends characters on them. If this doesn’t show you the popularity of esports and how it could grow to your own hometown, I don’t know what does.