Apex Legends on the rise?

Apex Legends has climbed the mountain of Battle Royale games and in such a short amount of time at that. With giants such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds controlling much of the genre, it was a huge surprise when Apex jumped onto the band-wagon and didn’t immediately fall off. To create a title surrounding an already Do I think you should try out Apex Legends? Well, here’s a few reasons why I think you should try out the hottest BR right now.

It is the first Battle-Royale with unique “Legends”

Apex has brought a new element into the Battle-Royale realm by implementing a class system. Each game is going to be a different experience because you don’t know who your teammates are going to pick, and more importantly, you won’t know what your enemies will pick. With unique Legends such as “Gibraltar”, who is able to lay down a dome-shield over you and your team, “Pathfinder”, who is able to create ziplines for you and your squad, and the latest Legend, “Octane”, which allows high movement, high health-regeneration. New Legends are going to be released in the future and that is something totally unique to Apex.

Apex Legends

One of the playable Legends, “Pathfinder”, allows the player to create ziplines for his team.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends takes place in the Titanfall universe. Could we potentially see a cross-over with Titans and other Titanfall characters? One can only wonder.

It ties to the “Titanfall” series

Apex Legends is the first Battle-Royale game that stemmed out of another series. “Titanfall”, which is one of my all-time favorite game series, was first released in 2014 with a sequel being released 2 years later. The guns in Apex and much of the lore are directly tied to Titanfall. The opening cut scene of the game features Kuben Blisk, a notable enemy from the series. He leads a faction in the series known as the “Apex Predators”(Coincidence? I think not). If you are as big a fan of the Titanfall series as I am or are just a junkie for a game with some lore to it, then this game is definitely worth a shot.

It is extremely popular among streamers.

Apex hasn’t only climbed to the top of the charts for the average player at home, but also the streamer sitting behind a camera for hours a day. The internationally acclaimed Fortnite streamer Ninja even participated and won the first professional Apex tournament. Thousands of viewers tune into Twitch, Mixer, and any other streaming platform everyday. Apex is just another way these people are enjoying their favorite gamers. And what do these viewers do when they see their favorite streamers playing Apex? They play it themselves!

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