And the Winner of the LCS Spring Split is?

And the Winner of the LCS Spring Split is?

2019 Spring Split playoffs

With another Spring Split come and gone, we can look back on yet another amazing 5-game series that was the 2019 Spring Split playoffs. Titans clashed in what was probably one of the greatest best-of-five series that professional League of Legends has ever seen. With the reigning LCS champions, Team Liquid, defending their title against the underdog Team Solomid. While the #1 place Liquid did best the most dominant team in LCS history, it was still an amazing series that deserves to be talked about.

Team Liquid was doing a little strategy that I like to call the “Cloud 9 special”, which is lose the first two games and reverse sweep the enemy. No team ever wants to get completely dumpstered by their opponents. Making a series interesting is always an important part of keeping your viewers on the edge of their seats. As I am currently watching the replay of the series on my second monitor, I can’t help but catch myself watching the constant team fights and action.

Team Liquid Heimerdinger
Team Liquid pick a super aggressive pick with locking in Heimerdinger in Game 1 of the series

Team Liquid opened up with one of the most surprising picks I have seen in all my years of watching professional LCS. For those who are familiar with professional play, the champion Heimerdinger does not make an appearance very often. Well, for all of you “Donger” fans out there, he was chosen by the defending champions in a high damage, high teamfight composition. Sadly, it was not able to win them game 1.

With Team Liquid coming back against TSM, they have earned their spot at the Mid-Season Invitational in Vietnam. They will join teams such as G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1, both of which are known for their dominance in their region. TL advanced to MSI last year and finished in 5th place. However, Team Liquid, all of North America, and most importantly, Doubelift, won’t be accepting another 5th place finish.

Mid-Season International